Mixed Wrestling with Sophia in Nuremberg and Düsseldorf.

Relax and take a deep breath – in my headlock!

Spontaneous appointments in Nuremberg on other days are possible.
11/25/22 in Nuremberg
11/30/22 in Nuremberg
12/10 + 12/11/22 in Nuremberg

more dates down below…

Have a look on my website. What can you expect?!

What can you experience with me?!

See my back muscles - Ready for a mixed wrestling fight

Mixed Wrestling – competitive:

You can wrestle with me fully or semi competitive. That means you can enjoy my holds, pins and chokes fully passive or you can wrestle against me in a real fight. Show me what you’ve got… No matter how hard we fight, I ensure you that you will always be safe with me! There is no risk for injuries.

Mixed Wrestling – erotic:

You want to feel more than just my holds? You want to feel my female dominance in another way? Before I list all the possibilities, just tell me your phantasies. I’m absolutely sure that we will find a way to make you happy.

I do not offer online sessions!

Straight to my -> contact form

Sophias nice a** - mixed wrestling

Here are some inspirations. Maybe it will fire up your phantasies:

  • overpowering
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • Tease&Denial
  • CBT, Ballbusting
  • Nippletorture
  • Foot worship
  • verbal humiliation
  • Roleplay (take you under arrest, martial arts training session, …)
  • living punchbag
  • Belly punching
  • lift & carry
  • Trampling
  • Muscle Worship
  • Wellnessmassage on you
  • Topless is possible with extra charge
  • Handjob/Footjob


As I did MMA, I also like to box. Do you dare to fight against me? For our session you will need a mouth protection (!) and a jock strap, if you want. I have one pair of boxing gloves (16oz) with me for you. After use they will be disinfected, but after some time the gloves develope some typical smell. You can bring your own boxing gloves with you of course. As it often happened before, MMA hand gloves are NO boxing gloves. Then we could just as well do a bareknuckle fight… which we won’t do. 😉

Sophia wrapping her box bandages - mixed wrestling

Who am I:

I’m Sophia, 32 years old, 173cm (5’8), 68-70 kg (152-154lbs) and absolutely sporty, as well as licensed fitness- and personal trainer. You can meet me in  Nuremberg and Düsseldorf. I have experience for more than 6 years in Karate, 3 years Ju-Jutsu, 1 year MMA and now I’m training BJJ and Grappling. Freeletics and weight lifting are also part of my sports routine. I fall in love for Mixed Wrestling in 2017. It was always great fun to fight with men. Here in Nuremberg  and also in Düsseldorf we can have an exhausting match on big mats.

Even if I love to fight and win, fun is a big part for me, because I like to laugh and provoke you during the fight. If I should go easy on you, just tell me, like I said, fun is important for me!

I like to wear bikinis, lingerie, swimsuits, leggings + sports bra or a classic Gi. You would like me to wear something else, just tell me.


I’m open minded and therefore I love to try something new, but after all my strict no-gos are and always will be:

  • Sex/BJ
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • K.O.
  • fighting naked (neither you or me are naked during fighting!), but I like to fight in a string tanga



We fight on a 4x4m professional wrestling mat (it won’t slip and you don’t hurt your skin) with permanently mounted high protection walls. You can take a shower before and afterwards. Drinks are for free of course.

Just take a look on our website.



Here we have a 4x4m puzzlemat with low „proctection walls“ for our security. It is located in a 1-Room-Apartment. A shower and towels as well as shower gel are available. A cool drink waits for you after our hard fight.

You have further questions, don’t hesitate, just contact me now!

I offer hotel- or home visits and dinner accompaniment! BUT, please read my FAQ, because not everything is possible in a hotel or your home.

📞  +49 (0)178 3318805

I prefer a first approach via e-mail/WhatsApp/mailbox, in which we can arrange a call for further questions. 🙂

Next dates, when and where:

  • – – –

Appointments in Nuremberg are also on other days possible. Please give me at least one day in advance. 🙂

Within this dates appointments are possible from early morning to late night with one exception for Düsseldorf. At my arrival day appointments are possible starting at 3pm.


How can you contact me?!

You can give me a call, write me an e-mail or message me on WhatsApp/SMS. In case of that just write me an e-mail, in that we could arrange a time for a phone call. I do not answer calls with withheld number!

How can I contact you?!

No worries, I won’t call you back, only if you give me your okay. But for that it would be perfect if you give me a time window in which I can call you back, because I can’t always listen to my mailbox on time.

Where exactly can you meet me?

In Nuremberg I do my wrestling session in a dominatrix studio. No worries, we only would do a wrestling match and of course we are alone. We have a big mat (4x4m) and the walls are protected with thick mats as well to eliminate the risk of injuries.

In Düsseldorf it is a 1-room-Apartment with a 4x4m puzzle mat (4cm thick).

What exactly is a wrestling match?

Before the fight, I like to have a little chat with you, just to take your nervousness and to talk about your phantasies again if you like. Then we will have a little warm up and after that fight. I like to fight in rounds. The round will be done by a tap by somebody of us. In an erotic match especially in combination with a roleplay, we haven’t to fight in strict rounds. I guess there will be the focus on other aspects…

What should I take with me?

At least underwear, better a sports shorts. If you want a boxing session I highly recommend a mouth protection. Boxing gloves are absolutely necessary. If you want to fight in shoes, please take a pair of clean sport shoes with you.

Everything else like shower gel, towels or drinks you don’t need to take with you.

The best way to contact me?

The more detailed your request, the more likely an answer will be. A „Hello“, „Hi, how are you?“ or „Do you offer fight session?“ will not be answered. In that case I assume that you are not interested in a session with me.

It would help me a lot, if you give me some information about your person: height and weight, especially for Lift&Carry as well as your martial arts background, type of the session (sportive and/or erotic), duration of the session. If you have some taboos tell me up front and maybe you want to see me in a special outfit, tell me as well.

Do you offer hotel- or home visits?

Yes, I do on certain conditions. As I love competitive matches only on mats, those will not be possible in a hotel room. We can have an erotic wrestling sessions on a bed, a trampling, a CBT or a muscle worship sessions etc. I also offer relaxing massages and will bring my massage table with me. After a nice session we can have dinner together.

Minimum booking duration for hotel- or home visits:

Within Nuremberg: 2h

Within 1 hour distance around Nuremberg: 2h plus travel costs

Within 2 hours distance from Nuremberg: 3h plus travel costs

A deposit is required via PayPal or Amazon voucher.